Charleston Bay

vectored a westfalia for a thing

Vera MolnarUntitled, 1971-1974plotter drawing, ink on paperComputer: IBM; Plotter: Benson40 1/2″ x 40” 
Hopefully it embeds an enlarged image? Look at this one close up- its a real sweety. 

Henri MatisseViolet Leaf on Orange Background (Palmette)1947

Mark LombardiOliver North, Lake Resources of Panama, and the Iran-Contra Operation ca. 1984-86 (fourth version)199963 × 82 7/8”.

Kristina from Vienna ~

untitled (lines “y”)
graphite on polyester drafting film 
42” x 42” (106.68 x 106.68)cm
Matt Niebuhr
West Branch Studio
Private Collection, Portland, Oregon USA 
Line: A geometrical object that is straight, infinitely long and infinitely thin. A line is one-dimensional. It has zero width (in mathematics). 
If you draw a line with a pencil, the pencil mark has a measurable width. The pencil line is therefor just a way to illustrate the idea of a line on paper. The line drawn on paper (or drawn on any other media visible to the eye) is always only just a representation of the idea of a line. In this sense we can not see with our eyes the idea of a line directly - only indirectly, as an approximate representation.
Previously exhibited here:
Stumptown Coffee Roasters - Division St., Portland, Oregon - March 2011
First Friday - “Get Drawn In”
University of Iowa Museum of Art (UIMA)
hotelVetro - Iowa City, Iowa - October 2012

Climb To The Top of the Mountain

(Caffeinated Architecture: Celebrate National Coffee Day in These Stimulating Cafés)

Shelter in Veliko Rujno Valley near Velebit, Croatia.
Contibuted by Filip Peraić.